Keeping Daily Balance

Balance is not something you find, its something you create — Jana Kingsford

Every person has a set balance to their life and when they hit that note… everything feels just right. It’s important to have balance in your life, so I’ve done some thinking (and a bit of research) and have compiled my thoughts on how to stay balanced even on the bad days.

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One key daily undertaking to make every day worthwhile is to look forward to something, whether it be cultivating the perfect outfit the night before and getting jazzed to wear it in the morning, or scouring through your mom’s old recipes and baking the perfect homemade chocolate chips — its the little things that make life meaningful. I, for example, look forward to writing on my blog (usually) every day! It's very fun and relaxing.

Your daily anticipation might include a skincare routine in the morning, or playing your favorite games with friends at night. Whatever it may be; it's an important part of your day, it's part of what gets you moving and out of your gosh darn bed and into this great big world full and I mean FULL of opportunity.

When you have something to look forward to, even if it's something others would call lame, is extremely important in keeping you awake, active, and balanced.

Trying New Things

Okay, this one is a bit obvious, but it's VERY true.

Feeling bored?

Like you have nothing to do besides eat sleep and work?

Hate the people surrounding you?

Try something new!
Go to a new place, eat new foods, say hi to a colleague you’ve never talked to before, change your diet, go to the library, I could go on and on.

If you ever see a good opportunity to experience something new, it’s smart to try it out. You only have one life to live (or not… depends on what you believe, but my philosophy still stands… one chance at this life anyway) so never waste a single second laying on the couch doing nothing.

One thing I do since I have a rehearsed internal clock (Explained below) is I wake up from 5–7 every morning and jump right out of bed. Literally. As soon as I realize I’m awake, I force myself out of my warm cozy bed because A) lying in bed only wastes time B) lying in bed makes me sore and C) my room is too frickin dark and I need to turn on the frickin lights and eat something right now!
I’ve decided that I don’t want to sit in bed and ignore the world — because the fact is, the world is out there waiting for you to wake up and enjoy every bright, dark, windy, rainy, sunny corner of it.

In case you didn't know, an internal clock is basically a circadian-rhythm-based function built into our systems as humans to wake us up when we are ready. I’ve trained mine to wake me up sometime from 5–7, but sometimes I can wake up at a specific time (like this morning I wanted to wake up at 6 sharp). Its a really handy skill to train, and makes waking up a lot easier (and I don’t have to use an annoying alarm clock)


Organized Schedule

Having a set time and place for things makes it a lot easier to schedule things like meetings, activities, and study sessions. I personally use a weekly planner that sometimes doubles as a journal, and I have a set time and place to put everything and a place to put reminders for upcoming meetings, tests, or get-togethers.

You don't have to keep a planner, but having a morning or daily routine can help a bunch to keep your mind clear, and not anxious about disturbances in your schedule. A quick example of a Monday morning routine might be:

  • Waking up at 5:15
  • Going on a run, getting back home around 6
  • taking a quick cold shower
  • Relaxing and listening to music and/or putting on makeup, doing up hair, skincare routine, etc.
  • Making a to-do list for the day (including things like beginning a grocery list, meditation, bible reading, or practicing Spanish)
  • Eating breakfast at 7:05 sharp, something pre-made from last night (eg. overnight oats)
  • Leaving for work/school at 7:20

Having a set schedule for the day helps you keep a list of to-dos and focus your energy on your accomplishments, not scraping to get everything done in time.

A Quick Conclusion

Keeping your life upbeat and fresh keeps your mind running creatively through your day, toning down your stress to small increments and getting everything done in an effective manner. There are many benefits to positive mental health including objective and logical thinking, better self-esteem, positive relationships, and reduced occurrence/severity of depression and anxiety.

Keep your life balanced, and always remember, even on the bad days, your life is precious — your number one priority is making sure everything is right on the inside so things on the outside can be too (and vice-versa).

Enjoy your day/morning/afternoon/evening/night 😊💪🧠✨🌞❤️

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